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Netanyahu’s Work Cut Out For Him….

Before his departure from Israel for the U.S. Saturday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared with reporters, “I will tell the truth in the face of the sweet-talk and onslaught of smiles.” According to a senior diplomatic source in Jerusalem, the goal of Mr. Netanyahu’s visit is, “to expose the Iranian lie at the United […]

The Waiting Game….

It has been reported that should the U.S. take military action against Syria, Israel would be notified hours prior to the attack. President Obama has asked Congress to approve such a strike as a response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapon attack on its citizens in late August. More than 1,400 men, women and children […]

The Power of Prayer

These special days surrounding Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot are a time of prayer for the welfare of the world. Judaism teaches that whatever mankind has utilized or invented for the attainment of physical power, nothing comes close to the power of prayer. “These come with chariots, and these come with horses, and we […]