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And I Quote…..

Last Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Bar Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center. He focused on the Iranian threat and Israel’s efforts in reaching an agreement with the Palestinian Authority. The speech is available in its entirety, and certainly worth the read. The following are excerpts from his speech: “I recently read a hundred-page book […]

Why is Israel Being Singled Out? (Part 2)

Everyone stands to lose as the shutdown of the government continues into its second week. This shutdown has left almost 800,000 federal employees in our country furloughed without pay, and its effects are being felt abroad, as well. Israel, America’s staunch ally and the only real democracy in the Middle East, has been given notice. […]

Why Is Israel Being Singled Out? (Part 1)

“The State Department’s ability to provide military assistance to Israel and other allies in the time frame that is expected and customary could be hindered, depending on the length of the shutdown.” (Marie Harf, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokeswoman) Directly and indirectly, we are all feeling it. Americans are being affected by our federal government’s […]


“The people of Israel have come home, never to be uprooted again.” With these twelve words, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded his address at the United Nations on Tuesday. For the citizens of Israel, his words are worth repeating. For diaspora Jews around the world, his words are worth repeating. For non Jews – friend […]

United Nothing??

“Every attempt to enforce UN resolutions on Iran to show transparency and offer proof that they have no plans for a nuclear program has failed until now…The Iranian nuclear program is at a critical point…We don’t want the Americans to waste this critical year with worthless talk.” (Tzachi Hanegbi, Likud member and head of Israel’s […]