The Waiting Game….

It has been reported that should the U.S. take military action against Syria, Israel would be notified hours prior to the attack.
President Obama has asked Congress to approve such a strike as a response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapon attack on its citizens in late August. More than 1,400 men, women and children died as a result.
In the meantime, protesters in the United States and around the world have gathered to voice their opposition to this possible U.S. led military strike on Syria.
On Saturday, approximately 200 people gathered outside the White House to express their concern and outrage for Congressional approval. “They say more war; we say no war” was their chant, as they carried signs saying that an attack on Damascus would be “Built on a Lie.” In California, demonstrators waved Syrian flags and shouted “Hands off Syria” as the L.A. Police Department stood by watching and making arrests.
Some Israeli officials are concerned that if an attack on Syria doesn’t come to be, Iran would be encouraged to continue its development of nuclear weapons.
Amos Gilad, Director of the Political-Military Affairs Bureau of the Defense Ministry in Israel commented, “Will the United States attack? Will it not attack? What will the consequences be? All of these things are unknowns.”
The world holds its breath for the answer…

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