United Nothing??

“Every attempt to enforce UN resolutions on Iran to show transparency and offer proof that they have no plans for a nuclear program has failed until now…The Iranian nuclear program is at a critical point…We don’t want the Americans to waste this critical year with worthless talk.”
(Tzachi Hanegbi, Likud member and head of Israel’s Parliament House Committee)

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday afternoon following President Obama’s recent phone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Other speeches scheduled for that day are from the Vatican, North Korea and Cambodia. Mr. Netanyahu will be the final speaker.
According to Dan Gillerman, Israel’s former and 13th permanent ambassador to the United Nations, “It’s still the same Iran, the same empire of evil that is responsible for most of the terror attacks around the world and supports the butchery of Assad who killed thousands of his own people.”
“The UN has three standards – one for democracy, one for totalitarian states and one for Israel.”
And, as Mr. Gillerman has so wisely stated in the past, “Thank God that the fate of Israel and of the Jewish people is not decided in this hall.”

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